Princess Kaʻiulani and Voting Rights

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Princess Kaʻiulani hosting a dinner in 1899 for the Newlands Resolution Hawaiian Commission which included Sanford B. Dole (former president of the Republic of Hawaiʻi and appointed Governor of the Territory of Hawaiʻʻi, R), Senators Shelby M. Cullom (R-Illinois) and John T. Morgan (D-Alabama), Representative Robert R. Hitt (R-Illinois) and former Hawaii Chief Justice and Walter F. Frear (R-HawaiiTerritory). Princess Kaʻiulani lobbied the Commission to grant US citizenship and US voting rights to Native Hawaiians because at the time, there was a debate in the US Congress whether or be placed in the same category as Native Americans (Native Americans were not considered US citizens at the time and therefore had no rights outside of the reservation). Princess Kaʻiulani fought hard for Native Hawaiians to have voting rights under the new Territory of Hawaiʻi.

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