The Emancipation Proclamation in Hawaiian

When the Emancipation Proclamation reached Hawai’i, it was widely published. This is a copy of it in Hawaiian. Although slavery had long before been abolished, Hawaiians saw this a great achievement for the advancement of human rights. Several papers published it in Hawaiian or in English. This one is from Kuokoa 1/31/1863.

One thought on “The Emancipation Proclamation in Hawaiian”

  1. Mahalo for sharing all that you do Adam, especially about all the other peoples who came to my “Mothersland” of Hawai’i. These on African-Americans in Hawai’i, especially, which appeals to my Paternal side! BLM✊🏿❤️🤵🏿👧🏾💪🏿👨🏾‍👩🏾❤️👊🏿🤟🏿🖖🏿🤙🏿✌🏿BLM Aloha, chris aka cdg


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